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​​​​​​​7 Approximate costs involved

SENAME requires no fee from the applicants. 

The amounts below can only be estimates due to the nature of intercountry adoption (i.e. delays, unexpected law changes at short notice, longer stays required, currency fluctuations, low/high season price variations, etc). 

The costs listed below are fully transparent and based on a “user pays” principle.​


Estimated Cost



Child Youth and Family Courses, Home Study Reports etc**


Compiling documents required by Chilean authorities, translation of documents into Spanish, Notarisation, Verification and Authentication: Note: The cost of a Psychologist's Report is included in the total). ​

Translation of documents relating to the child




Airfares (2 adults)

$6000 1

Internal Travel

$1000 2


$4000 3

Legal Representation in Chile



Nil 5

Overseas Representatives Charges

$2000 6
9Airfare for Adopted Child$1200 7


$2000 8

Post Placement Reports (6 reports)

$2400 9

'Compassion for Orphans' Fee (as at June 2016 fees have been 'nil' however this remains subject to Note 10​ below)

 Nil 10
13                                           Total Estimated Cost$24400 

* Based on 1 child. If more than 1 child, then add an additional $1000 for translation cost and $1200 for airfare.

** If using the accredited agency Adoption First Steps​, you will need to add their charges.

*** service is usually provided by the Chilean Central Authority however where this is not available a charge for private legal representation will apply (in the region of $1500)

Note 1​: Airfares

Please refer to the section on Airfares for detailed information.

Note 2​: Internal Travel

This cost is highly variable and dependent on how far the region is away from Santiago, the mode of applicants preferred transport e.g. airplane, train etc.  The cost may be lower if this section of travel can be included in the airfares in Note 1 above.  Applicants are required to pay the return cost of the overseas representative to the region and their accommodation cost, which should not be significant if an apartment is rented.

Note 3​: Accommodation 

Based on applicants choosing to stay in an apartment

Estimated Length of stay

8 weeks

Cost of Apartment in Region

For 4 weeks USD $1500 

Cost of Apartment in SantiagoFor 4 -5 weeks USD $1800
Exchange rate

0.85  at  October 2013

Amount in New Zealand Dollars

$4000 approx​

Note 4​: Legal Representation in Chile

Applicants are required to have legal representation during the adoption process.  Depending on availability, Sename’s lawyers in the region represent the applicants at no charge.  Should Sename’s lawyers not be available for any reason, legal representation will be arranged by ‘Compassion for Orphans’ overseas representatives.  The overseas representatives will screen the legal representatives and ensure that SENAME approves of the legal representation. The cost can vary widely per region. The overseas representatives will endeavour to get as many quotes as possible.  The cost is likely to be in the region of  NZ$1500.

Note 5: Sustenance

A Nil amount has been provided as the cost is generally the same as that which applicants would have eaten at home (unless the applicants choose to eat out more frequently).  Applicants may prefer to budget an amount for this though.

Note 6​: Overseas Representatives Charges​

‘Compassion for Orphans’ overseas representatives charges are based on the “user pay” principle as opposed to a lump sum. For some services applicants can choose their own service provider (e.g. airport pick up and drop off, making their own accommodation arrangements).  The overseas representatives’ charges though are very reasonable and appropriate for Chile. A schedule of the overseas representatives’ rate chart is included in the sample contract for service.

Note 7​: Airfare for Adopted Child

Details of the child’s fare are detailed in section 5 above.

Note 8​: Miscellaneous

Includes changes to travel tickets, application for temporary visa to New Zealand, child’s passport, application for New Zealand citizenship, contingency for unexpected costs etc.

Note 9​: Post Placements Reports

Sename requires 6 post placement reports total, 4 at six monthly intervals after arrival into New Zealand and 2 at yearly intervals.  It is estimated that each report will take a social worker approximately 5 hours which includes visiting the family and writing up the report. The social workers current charges are $60NZ per hour plus GST (if any) plus disbursements (travel costs etc). The report will also need to be translated into Spanish. The estimated cost per report is $400NZ.

Detailed information regarding post placement reporting can be found in section 9.4.

Note 10​: Compassion for Orphans Fee

The ‘Contract for Service’ between the applicants and ‘Compassion for Orphans’ will include a schedule of fees (estimated and actual expenses), and conditions under which fees or costs may be charged, waived, reduced or refunded and when and how the fees shall be paid. ​

Further details of ’Compassion for Orphans’ charges can be found in section 12.​