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​10 Further sources of information and support 

There is a wealth of almost unlimited amount of information about intercountry adoption on the Internet.

Using the search engine Google (, and typing in “Intercountry Adoption”, will bring up approximately 339,000 sites (as at January 2013). 

Some good sites and information follow.


Books (Comprehensive catalogue of adoption books)

Adoption Reading List

The CYF Adoption Reading List provided at their education and preparation days contains a comprehensive list, which follows: 

This is a mixed list, with books about baby adoption, intercountry adoption, parenting by adoption and adult reunion. Some of these books may be available in local libraries, others may be borrowed via Library Inter-loan.

Bagley, Christopher, Young, Loretta and Scully, Anne. Transracial Adoptions: A Mental Health Perspective, Avebury, Aldershot, UK (1993)

Benet, MK. The Politics of Adoption, Free Press (1976)

Brodzinsky, David M, Schechter, Marshall D and Henig, Robin M. Being Adopted: The Lifelong Search for Self, Double day, New York (1992)

Else, Anne. A Question of Adoption: Closed Stranger Adoption in New Zealand 1944 - 1974, Bridget Williams Books, Wellington, New Zealand (1991)

Fahlberg, Vera I (MD). A Child's Journey Through Placement, UK Edition (1991)

Gagor, Ivor and Jane Alderidge. In the Best Interests of the Child: Culture, Identity and Transracial Adoption, Free Association Books, London, UK (1994)

Gediman, Judith S and Brown, Linda P. Birth Bond - Reunions between Birth Parents and Adoptees, New Horizon Press, New Jersey (1991)

Griffith, Keith C. The Right To Know Who You Are, Published by Author, Titahi Bay, Wellington, NZ (1991)

Hampson, Amanda. Battles with the Baby Gods Infertility: Stories of Hope, Doubleday (1997)

Harkness, Libby. Looking for Lisa, Random House, NSW, Australia (1991)

Hoksbergen, RAC, et al. Adopted Children at Home and at School, Swets and Zeitlinger BV/Lisse, Holland (1987)

Holm, Rod. Rewriting the Script -An Adoption Story, Dunmore Press,Palmerston North, NZ (1994) 

Howarth, Ann. Reunion, Penguin, Auckland, New Zealand (1988)

Humphrey, Michael and Humphrey, Heather. lntercountry Adoption: Practical Experiences, Routledge, London, UK (1993)

Johnston, Patricia Irwin. Adopting after Infertility, Adoption and Multicultural Resources, Victoria 3109 (1992)

Jones, Maggie. Everything You Need to Know About Adoption, Sheldon, London, UK (1987)

Keck, Gregory C (PhD) and Kupecky, Regina M (LSW). Adopting The Hurt Child, Pinon Press, Colorado Springs Colorado, USA (1995)

Adoptive Kinship: A Modern Institution in Need of Reform (2nd Edition), Ben-Simon Publications, Port Angeles, USA (1985)

Kirk, David J. Shared Fate, The Free Press, Toronto, Canada (1964)

Knoll, Jean and Murphy, Mary K. international Adoption: Sensitive Advice for Prospective Parents, Chicago Review Press, Chicago, USA (1994)

Tell me a Real Adoption Story, Alfred A Knopf New York (1993)

Krementz, Jill. How it Feels to be Adopted, Alfred A Knopf inc New York (1982)

Lifton, Betty Jean. Journey of the Adopted Self: A Quest for Wholeness, Harper Collins Publishers, New York, USA (1994)

Lost and Found: The Adoption Experience (3rd Edition), Harper and Row Publishers, New York, USA (1988) Twice born: Memoirs of an Adopted Daughter, Penguin (1977)

Ludbrook, Robert. Adoption: Guide to Law and Practice, GP Books, Wellington, NZ (1990)

Martin, Beryl. A Family from Barra - An Adoption Story, AUPI Bridget Williams Books Auckland (1997)

May, Eva. Tell Me My Story, Dove Communications, Victoria, Australia (1986) Don't Tell Me About Goldilocks, Lowden Publishing Co, Australia (1974)

Melina, Lois Ruskai. Making Sense of Adoption: A Parents Guide, Solistice Press, Harper & Row Publishers, New York (1989)

Raising Adopted Children: A Manuel for Adoptive Parents, Solistice Press, Harper & Row Publishers, New York (1986)

Sharon Kaplan Roszia. The Open Adoption Experience: A Complete Guide for Adoptive and Birth Families From Making the Decision through the Child's Growing Year, Harper Collins Publishers, New York (1993)

Reitz, Miriam and Watson, Kenneth W. Adoption and the Family System, The Guilford Press, New York, USA (1992)

Rillera, M J and Kaplan,5. Cooperative Adoption - A Handbook, Triadoption Publications, Westminster, California (2nd Edition) (1985)

Rockel, Jenny and Ryburn, Murray. Adoption Today: Change and Choice in New Zealand, Heinemann Reed, Auckland, New Zealand (1992)

Rosenberg, Elinor B. The Adoption Life Cycle, the Free Press, New York (1992)

Schaffer, Judith and Lindstrom, Christina. How to Raise an Adopted Child, Adoption and Multicultural Resources Victoria 3109 (1989)

Sehooler, Jayne E. Realistic Advice for the Building of a Healthy Adoptive Family: The Whole Life Adoption Book, Pinon Press, Colorado, USA (1993)

Shawer, Joss. Death By Adoption, Cicada Books (1979)

Sibler, Kathleen and Speedlin, Phyllis. Dear Birthmother, Thank You for your Baby, Corona Publishing Co. (1983)

Siegel, Stephanis E. Parenting Your Adopted Child: A Complete and Loving Guide, Prentice Hall Press, New York, USA (1989)

Simon, Rita j and Alstein, Howard. From Infancy Through Adolescence, Praeger New York, USA (1992) 

Sorosky, AD, Baron, A Pannor, R. The Adoption Triangle, Anchor Press, New York, USA (1978) 

Triseliotis, L. In Search of Origins: The Experience of Adopted People, Routledge and Kegan Paul (1973)

Verrier, Nancy. The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted child, Gateway Press, Baltimore, USA (1993)
Wadia-Ells, Susan. The Adoption Reader - Mothers, Adoptive Mothers and Adoptive Daughters Tell Their Stories, Seal Press, Washington, USA (1995)

Watkins, Mary and Fisher, Susan. Talking with Young Children about Adoption, Yale University Press (1993)