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​​​1.3 New Zealand and Chile Agreements

New Zealand and Chile are both signatories to the Hague Convention

Under the Hague Convention each contracting state must designate a Central Authority to discharge the duties which are imposed by the Convention upon such authorities.

The New Zealand Central Authority is the Department of Child Youth and Family, a service of the Ministry of Social Development (“CYF”) and the Chilean Central Authority is the National Youth Service [Servicio Nacional de Menores] (“SENAME”).  Families interested in adopting in Chile must apply and be approved by SENAME, which keeps the national registry of children eligible for adoption.

CYF and SENAME have reached an agreement under the Hague Convention on the arrangements for the adoption of Chilean children by New Zealanders.

Under the Hague Convention the New Zealand Central Authority can delegate some of its functions to an accredited body.

On 28 July 2004 the New Zealand Central Authority issued a Certificate of Accreditation under the Adoption (Intercountry) Act 1997​ delegating to ‘Compassion for Orphans’ the functions set out in Articles 9, 18 and 20, and paragraphs 2 and 3 of Article 19 of the Hague Convention according to regulations 3(1)(a), (c), (d) and (e) of the Adoption (Intercountry) Regulations 1998​.

‘Compassion for Orphans’ as an accredited body subsequently applied to Chile for accreditation (a requirement under Chilean domestic legislation) to facilitate the adoptions.  ‘Compassion for Orphans’ was granted accreditation in Chile in July 2006.

It is important to note that under New Zealand legislation (Adoption (Intercountry) Regulations 1998) the functions of “assessment” of applicants and the functions and responsibilities of “placement” must be separated.  Compassion for Orphans has been accredited as a “placement” agency only. Currently in New Zealand, the assessment functions of evaluation and selection of applicants are undertaken by Child Youth and Family and an accredited body 'Adoption First Steps'​.

Applicants cannot become clients of Compassion for Orphans until after they have been to CYF education seminars, have been assessed, and approved and have been issued with a Home Study Assessment Report.​