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​​11 What you need to do next to adopt from Chile

Applicants cannot become clients of Compassion for Orphans until they have obtained New Zealand Central Authority approval. If you have not yet obtained this approval, you should contact your local office of Child Youth and Family to begin the process​.

Note: This Information Pack has been provided purely for ‘informational’ purposes and does not establish a client relationship with “Compassion for Orphans”. Applicants should not predetermine which accredited organisation they intend using to facilitate their adoption.

During and after their assessment applicants should evaluate all alternatives available prior to exercising a preference that best meets their circumstances.​

If you choose to use ‘Compassion for Orphans’ as your facilitator, and have received New Zealand Central Authority approval following a Home Study Assessment Report, please contact ‘Compassion for Orphans’ who will advise the process to follow.