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Information Pack


Adoption from Chile


​ ​​​Disclaimer
 Key Points
1General Information About Intercountry Adoption
 1.1       Historical Overview
 1.2       International Best Practice
             1.2.1    International Treaties​
             1.2.2    Best Interests of the Child​​
             1.2.3    Inherent Risks​
             1.2.4    Ethics and Moral Issues​​
 1.3       New Zealand and Chile Agreements
 1.4       The Plight of Orphans
 1.5       Adopted Children - Special Considerations
             1.5.1    Medical
             1.5.2    Behavioural and Attachment
             1.5.3    Culture
             1.5.4    Language
             1.5.5    Open or Closed Adoption?
             1.5.6    The Impact of 'Loss'
             1.5.7    Children with Special Needs
 1.6       Dual Applications
 1.7       Risk and Failures in Intercountry Adoption
2Information about Chile
3Information about the children available for adoption
4Eligibility of Applicants
5Overview of the process 
6​Approximate timeframes involved
7Approximate costs involved
8Who will be involved and their roles and responsibilities
9Post adoption activities and issues
 9.1       ​Searching and Reunion
 9.2       Support
 9.3       Raising an Intercountry Adopted Child
 9.4       Post Placement Reporting
10Further sources of information and support
12About Compassion for Orphans